Hello, my name is Reuel, and I'm a graphic designer.


Single Artwork

Diel: Greatest Blessing

Cover artwork for new single by Diel

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Logo Design

Idyllic Interior Solutions

Logo design for upcoming interior designer

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Logo Development


Logo development for bespoke luxury pens

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Social Design

Life Without Regret

Poster & Social Design for a youth day event

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Logo Design

Made By Starr

Logo design project for a brilliant brand, the youngest client I've designed for

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Logo & social design

Vocab UK

Logo design and social media creatives

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EP Artwork

Diel: 98%

Cover artwork for Diel's 98%, 6 track, EP

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Logo Design

Guarded Gates

Logo project for a security brand exploring the Spartan look

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About me

Hopefully, you’ve checked out my work. If you want to know more about me then here's a quick breakdown. I love graphic design, plain and simple. I believe design can either solve a problem or satisfy a need and I have fun creating them.

I've been in the graphic design game for over 8 years and created artwork for brands, big and small. I currently specialise in logo and brand development but I have a growing passion for print design such as posters, business collateral and magazines.


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