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January 8, 2020

Diel: Majesty

As a follow up to Diel's third single Greatest Blessing, "Majesty" 👑 is an anthem for ALL women, with no discrimination to age, class, ethnicity, religious background and nationality.


Diel Music


Single artwork for Majesty


2 weeks

Design Brief:

Majesty is a song targeted towards women empowerment and legacy. Diel was looking for a design that not only matched the quality music he produced but also the message behind the song. The artwork needed to appeal to a wide range of women while maintaining a trendy, eye-catching appeal all within a reasonably short time.

Design Process:

With just a couple of weeks to complete this project, the design process involved researching past and current inspirational moments and breakthroughs women had and understanding the narrative behind each unique story. This was reflected through:

• Research
• Sketching concepts
• Digitalising filtered concepts
• Bring it to life


The final design compliments what Diel music and his team were looking for. The art piece takes the song title to a creative edge by combining a trendy gradient with bright yet soft colours on the broken crown, symbolising the imperfection of humanity, placed on clouds signifying the reach for perfection where the sky is the limit. Kinky and straight hair types were used as a background texture, with a hidden profile of a meditating queen.

This is what Diel and his team had to say:

" The song 'Majesty' is a tribute to all women around the world. We wanted the cover art to reflect strength, grace, diversity, boldness and the royalty within women.  Reuel was able to capture that and so much more with his design. "
Majesty snippet

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