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August 22, 2018

Idyllic Interior Solutions

Idyllic Interior Solutions is a Kent-based interior styling service designed to help transform spaces into luxury hubs, where clients can honestly feel at home. Services include interior decorating, furnshing, consultations, design planning and even personal shopper.


Kerry Francis


Logo design


1.5 week

Design Brief:

To create a logo that captured the essence of the brand while being trendy and sophisticated.

Design Process:

I created this logo using my core steps of design which included the following:

Research - In this phase I picked apart other interior designers and relevant images or concepts that were similar to Idyllic's ethos.

Sketching concepts - Created a few concepts on my sketch pad.

Digitalising filtered concepts - I then selected and vectorised the best-sketched concept. The current design is a simplified version of a chandelier

Bring it to life - This is where I presented the concepts with mock-up examples so the client can visualise the design better.


@idyllicinteriorsolutions was founded by a good friend of mine who decided to work hard to follow her passion for interior decorating. The fact that I get to help their dream flourish is a win for me. Moments like these remind me why I do what I do. The result of this is a very happy customer who boasts an iconic logo mark that fit the very character of the brand.

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